Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Tweet Place VS Web based twitter tools

Everybody knows that all the third party twitter services are too many, but it's also true that all of them help Twitter to became what is it today, for example : Pics, Video, Links, Location sharing, etc.

That's why we decided to create one more tool for this social network including all the most usefull third party services

Basically, My Tweet Place is a web 2.0 app that allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts and many of its related online services on a single website, so it includes all the basics from with many other services that are not included by default on twitter's official website.

This are some of the My Tweet Place's features:

  • Manage multiple accounts without a single page reload, using Twitter's OAUTH to protect your identity. That makes it a usefull and secure site for its users.
  • Update your status of different accounts at the same time, Allowing you to shorten URLs( through Sharing Photos (through TwitPic) and videos ( through TwitVid)  without the need of open a new tab on your browser!
  • Schedule tweets to post them on a future date and time. That allows you to manage your campaing daily, weekly or just personal tweets.
  • Translate your tweets to send them on the language you wish, and also translate to your language those tweets you don't understand
  • Thanks to the modern web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc) you can share your location and then your followers will now where you are!  You can also watch where they are on  a google map if they are sharing their location.
  • Watch who mentioned you, who have retweets your tweets and also check your inbox and sent messages
  • Manage your followers and friends, seeing who is following you and who doesn't
  • Watch your friends and public timelines, or your own too. You can also watch current, daily and weekly trends!
  •  See which of your friends are not following you
  • Autofollow those who are following you, and send them a welcome message
  • Analize the progress of your followers, showing the stats of the last 2 weeks!
  • Watch the impact of the links you tweet using the tool, how many visits and where they come from.
  • Search different keywords at the same time, and read tweets of a user that you are not necessary following
  • Autotweet posts of your preferred blogs , very similar to

In fact,  there are a lot of features offered by My Tweet Place when talking about twitter and the best part is that runs in your browser, so there is no installation required and it's user interface it's very user friendly and desktop like!

At this moment My Tweet Place is beign used for thousands of twitter users from all the word.
It's available on English and Spanish and it's next step is to release the portuguese version soon...

You can try it directy here of  install it  free in your Chrome Browser from the Chrome Web Store


Anonymous said...

Seriously - are we to believe that the Rolling Stones licensed a song to you to use with your product intro video? It's one thing for an individual to download a song for personal use to their computer or ipod. It's another thing for a company to take a song without permission and use it on their website. It's copyright infringement. If you actually have permission and pay royalties, then I apologize for this post but I'm skeptical that you do.

Theda said...